The Stylish Carry On

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Carry on packing advice

I just traveled for 3 weeks, on a trip that covered 5 countries and included countryside and city stays, plus a luxury river cruise. And I did it with only a carry-on. Friends and fellow travelers were surprised, but it was no hardship. Here are the staples that made it easy:

3 pairs of shoes: Dressy black boots, stylish walking boots, sporty sneakers. All shoes were tested to handle walking on cobblestones before my US departure.

Jersey skirts: Black and heathered jersey fabric can look downright dressy if paired with the right blouse, and it travels well. Dress it up with silk or down with leggings and sneakers.

Tunics: Layer over skirts, leggings or pants for a number of different looks. Layer under scarves, cardigans or short blouses for even more looks.

Dark leggings: Comfortable and sporty, or dressy under a skirt. And once you’ve worn them by day, you can use them as pajamas until laundry service.

Dressy jeans: I favor shiny black skinny jeans, but any jeans that are not blue will step up your appearance. Under a tunic or with nice boots they can look almost elegant.

Palette: I pack a lot of black and dark gray. It looks elegant, everything matches, and it doesn’t show spills.

Scarves: For warmth and color, I like to mix it up with a couple scarves and buy more as I travel. Infiniti scarves can double as vests and simple scarves can be worn as shawls or belts.

A backpack or large zipper tote: Make your “personal item” large enough to hold your purse as well as your reading and other items. Once off the plane, you can separate purse from tote to hold more.

A rugged tote that folds flat: After all, you’ll want to shop. Be prepared to check your carry-on suitcase for the return flight and pack your shopping into the tote bag to carry on.

Laundry soap. But of course!

Details: Any luxury hotel will offer laundry service, and most luxury vacation apartments have a washing machine. Clothes dryers are less common in cities in southern Europe. Private Access Journeys can help you find an apartment that meets your needs, and a local expert can help you with laundry service and also with your shopping!

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