Renting a Vacation Apartment? Ask These 6 Things

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Luxury Paris vacation apartment

Considering an apartment for your next vacation? You are in good company. Still, it is important to be cautious, as online photos can be deceptive, and often user reviews are skewed or misleading. Cultural differences further complicate the European vacation rental market, and the irregularities that come with historic buildings can warrant additional cautions.

Also, things you assume from a hotel (like Wi-Fi and elevators) are not a given, even in luxury apartments. Here are 6 questions to ask before you rent an apartment for your vacation in Europe.

  1. Is it quiet for sleeping? If you are in a city, is the street quiet? Where is the bedroom located? In a quiet courtyard or on a busy street? Are the windows double paned?
  2. Is it air conditioned? (Even in the luxury realm, not all apartments in Europe have air conditioning. If it matters at your time of travel, ask.)
  3. Is there Wi-Fi? How reliable is it? Unlike hotels, where this is standard, individual apartments vary. Sometimes reception can be spotty, so be sure to ask.
  4. Who maintains the apartment, and what happens in an emergency? Though very rare, you need to know maintenance issues in a historic (old) building can be fixed promptly.
  5. Is there an elevator? Not all buildings have elevators and in some cases, beautiful old buildings have old elevators or have been retrofitted with a tiny one.
  6. Is it well located? In the city, what can you access by foot? Where is the closest taxi stand and transit access? In the country, do you have access to major roads?

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