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Fontainebleau, luxury travel escape from Paris

Fontainebleau: The Perfectly Regal Paris Escape

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Oh, how Napoleon loved Fontainebleau. It was from the palace steps that the little warrior bade a sad farewell to his troops before being exiled to Elba. French kings shared Napoleon’s affection for Fontainebleau. Before Versailles, the palace was frequently used by royal heads as a vacation retreat. They dined sumptuously and hunted in the great forest at Fontainebleau. Read More

Fiesole above Florence

Fiesole: Etruscan Glory Just Above Florence

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A short taxi or bus ride from the city center of Florence, Fiesole doesn’t feel quite as ambitious as a day trip. Yet its history is distinct and important. No trip to Florence is complete without a side trip up into its surrounding hills. Though it too gets crowded with tourists, Fiesole’s hilltop village atmosphere is a nice foil for Florence’s grandiosity.

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Carry on packing advice

The Stylish Carry On

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I just traveled for 3 weeks, on a trip that covered 5 countries and included countryside and city stays, plus a luxury river cruise. And I did it with only a carry-on. Friends and fellow travelers were surprised, but it was no hardship. Here are the staples that made it easy:

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Luxury Paris vacation apartment

Renting a Vacation Apartment? Ask These 6 Things

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Considering an apartment for your next vacation? You are in good company. Still, it is important to be cautious, as online photos can be deceptive, and often user reviews are skewed or misleading. Cultural differences further complicate the European vacation rental market, and the irregularities that come with historic buildings can warrant additional cautions. Read More