How does Private Access Journeys differ from other travel services?

Private Access Journey is not a tour operator or a marketing agent for property owners. We do not sell packages. Each of our clients is treated as an individual, and each journey is designed around his or her unique preferences and experiential goals. Private Access Journeys offers the opportunity to build, shape and entirely customize activities and create a plan that is determined by interview, not dictated by catalog.

Why do we need to speak rather than correspond completely by email?

In order to provide the most customized experience for our clients, it is essential that we really understand your travel passions, and desires and hear your reactions to our suggestions on a firsthand basis. In the course of our conversation(s) with travelers, we hope to spark interest in activities and experiences that neither of us may have even considered.

Why do you only show 3 apartments in each city on your website?

The apartments shown on our website are examples of the type of properties that we offer. We can offer several different apartments in various neighborhoods and with a full range of high end amenities. After our initial conversation, we can better recommend accommodations that best fit your needs and desires, furnishing you with full details about your options.

Is there a list of possible activities from which I can choose?

We are happy to offer a broad list of suggestions to help spark your imagination, but the possibilities really are almost limitless. Though we have compiled a list of suggested activities through our various suppliers, there are many more that we can arrange with enough notice. This is why our initial phone call is so important.

For example, we recently spoke with a traveler who enjoys baroque music. Our initial conversation quickly turned to the options that most suited him. Did he prefer a large scale concert in a symphony hall or an intimate concert in a historic church?

When is the final payment due?

Your final payment for all of the arrangements will be due 75 days prior to the start of your trip. We will send you an invoice.

How are payments made?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There is no surcharge for paying by credit card, and likewise, there is no discount for paying by check or money order.

How do I book and confirm a trip?

After our initial conversation, we will draft a proposal outlining the accommodations and experiences that we feel best fit your request. If you approve this plan and wish to book, a deposit is required to secure the accommodations and activities. The exact amount of this deposit will be noted in the proposal.

The deposit amount will vary based on the details of your trip because the deposits we pay vary depending on an itinerary’s cost, exclusivity and other factors.

What benefits do I receive if I book my trip with Private Access Journeys?

You’ll receive personalized, professional, trustworthy service in a timely and kind manner! With over 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and connections to custom design your dream vacation, connect you with the experts and excursions that speak to your passions, and promise you an unforgettable trip.

Are Paris, Barcelona and Florence my only options?

While we currently offer accommodations in these cities only, our experts can help you with excursions into the areas around each city. And we are happy to help you combine a Paris, Barcelona or Florence stay with other destinations on your agenda for the same trip or to help connect you with partners who may be able to help. Please inquire.

Can I modify one of the sample packages?

Absolutely! Each journey is designed completely around the special interests and individual preferences of the traveler. We list these sample itineraries simply as an example of what we can do, a conversation starter.