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La Rambla: Rambling Through the Heart of Barcelona

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La Rambla in Barcelona

La Rambla (or Les Rambles) is Barcelona’s main drag and best known street. It runs down the center of Ciutat Vella and bustles with life, music, and commerce. It’s full of street performers, artists, flower and animal (mostly bird) vendors, temporary art fairs and so much more. Although it can get quite crowded, La Rambla is one of the best places for people-watching. There are a few key spots really worth checking out:

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Monmartre: Bohemian History in Paris

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Monmartre Paris

Though the Left Bank, especially the St. Germain-des-Près and Montparnasse, has become renowned for its association with the intellectual and literary elite of Paris in the 20th century, the former village of Montmartre can rightfully claim its own elite, mostly from the world of art but also poetry and writing. Artists, poets and writers all flocked here for the cheap living quarters and the racy side of Parisian life, for Montmartre has always been home to many of the city’s cabarets and erotica.  Read More

Fontainebleau, luxury travel escape from Paris

Fontainebleau: The Perfectly Regal Paris Escape

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Oh, how Napoleon loved Fontainebleau. It was from the palace steps that the little warrior bade a sad farewell to his troops before being exiled to Elba. French kings shared Napoleon’s affection for Fontainebleau. Before Versailles, the palace was frequently used by royal heads as a vacation retreat. They dined sumptuously and hunted in the great forest at Fontainebleau. Read More