About Private Access Journeys


From the moment you call Private Access Journeys to the day you return from your trip, our US and in-country staff are here to ensure that every step of your journey is seamless. Our US-based director will work closely with you to design the vacation of your dreams and handle every detail of your pre-trip planning and post-trip experience. Our Experience Coordinators will provide concierge services in-country and attend to the details of your itinerary.

Meet the people who will collaborate with you to craft your unique and memorable Private Access Journeys vacation.


Private Access Journeys is the newest member of the Idyll family of travel services. With over 40 years of experience in European travel and a deep tradition of high-level personal service, we are eager to share our insider knowledge of Europe. We have developed a large network of contacts and are intimately familiar with Europe, down to the smallest side streets of its biggest cities.

We will bring you to Europe not simply as a tourist, but as an extended member of our family.


Private Access Journeys is a proud supporter of the Untours Foundation, which works to alleviate poverty by providing low-interest loans to individuals and organizations who create employment, economic opportunities and valuable goods and services in economically challenged communities.

We are proud to bring you personally curated vacation experiences in Paris and Florence while giving back to our community, locally and globally.

Barcelona expert


Experience Coordinator, Barcelona

Adriana is deeply connected to the theater and cultural scenes of her beloved Barcelona, where she has lived, studied, and worked for many years. Her studies and work as a journalist have allowed her to travel extensively, though her love of her native Spain keeps her local. She enjoys connecting visitors to the life of her city: its markets, museums, restaurants, and architecture.


Experience Coordinator,

Françoise has worked in the travel industry since for over 30 years. She has lived in Brazil and traveled extensively in her time working for the airlines. Deeply connected to the cultural and art scenes of the city, Françoise enjoys showing visitors the best of Paris and connecting with her guest in a very personal way, opening new options for them giving them the tools and connects to thrive there.


Experience Coordinator,

Paola brings over two decades of Florentine experience to her engagement with each guest, crossing languages and cultures fluidly. She is well connected to the city’s better and lesser known sights. A proud native Italian, Paola says “Italy—and especially Tuscany—has so many wonders, you could return 100 times and still be delighted with something new.”